Quilt Insurance

I’m often asked if there is a special insurance that can be purchased for quilts. I know of a policy that many quilt owners have purchased and they are very happy with the policy. It covers antique or new quilts and the contents of your sewing room. Your quilts are covered while they are in your home, while they are being shipped and while they are at a show. You will need an appraisal or record of sales as proof of value in case there is a loss.

Although I have no affiliation with this company, I do recommend that you look into getting this insurance. The cost of the insurance is reasonable. The name of the insurance agent who handles this policy is Chris Johnston.

Chris can give tell you the specifics of the policy. Her telephone number is: 602-749-4282 or she can be reached through the main office number:  800-688-7472.  Her email is: chris.johnston@hubinternational.com.

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