The Color Wheel

Sir Isaac Newton was the first person to develop a circular diagram of colors. His color wheel was developed in 1666 and presented a logically arranged sequence of pure colors. 

Purchasing and learning to use a color wheel is important for quilt makers. Color wheels can be found in art supply stores or craft stores with art departments. Small color wheel may be purchased and taken to quilt shops when you are looking for fabrics for a quilt. Once you learn to use the color wheel, you will find that choosing colors for your quilts will be easier and the colors in your quilts will be visually successful. 

Quiltmakers can make their own color wheel by cutting out squares of fabrics that are the basic colors of the color wheel. Press a fusible on the back of the squares and press them to a white background fabric. This color wheel may be expanded by finding tints and shades of the colors and adding these fabrics to the wheel. As an additional exercise, use tone on tone and print fabrics from your fabric stash to make a color wheel. Making this color wheel will help you to learn what colors and color values you tend to buy and have available in your stash.

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