2008 – Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship for Quilting Teachers

Click here to watch an interview with me by Jodie Davis of QNNTV

Jewel Pearce Patterson was one of the founders of Quilts, Inc. and the mother of Karey Bresenhan who is the current president of this organization. Quilts Inc. sponsors three major quilt festivals and two quilt markets each year. In 1990, this organization developed a schlarship for quilting teachers. Each year, one teacher is chosen for this prestigious award. Previous winners have included Pepper Cory, Jenny Raymond, Nancy Eha, Jackie Robinson and a list of other well-known quilting teachers.

I applied for this scholarship by sending in my resume which included a listing of the classes I teach, my teaching schedule for the past five years, photos of my quilts and quilts by my students. I also sent 42 letters of recommendation which were written on my behalf by students, fellow teachers and quilt-related organizations and businesses. Those letters were very uplifting to me and I will always cherish the copies that I have of them.

I was notified in February 2008 that I had been chosen as the 2008 recipient. I received my round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations and paid tuition for classes at the 2008 Quilt Market and Festival in Houston, Texas. My trip lasted 12 days and it really was a trip of a lifetime. I learned so much in my classes. I can’t thank Quilts, Inc. enough for this opportunity. I was introduced at each banquet and the two Bernina Fashion Shows and the awards ceremony.

This scholarship does have some strings attached. I am now required to develop new classes, based on my experience and what I learned in my classes. An exhibit of work by myself and my students will hang at the 2009 Houston Quilt Festival. This exhibit is a bit of a pressure. I hope we can finish the quilts by early fall so they can be shipped to Houston.

There is a nice article about me and the scholarship in the December/January 2009 issue of Quilters Newsletter. Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson put my photo and the scholarship on The Quilt Show web site and Jodie Davis of QNNTV has a 30 minute interview with me on their web site which you can watch.

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