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Shipping Quilts – Part I

  Our quilts are like our children. We create them, watch them develop and then need to share them with the world. David and I have seven grown children. Each time one of them got their first apartment, went off to college, got on their first airplane or got married, I had trouble cutting their […]

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National Teachers

Top 20 Reasons Guilds Should Hire National Teachers Prior to becoming a national teacher, show judge & AQS Certified Appraiser, I served for two years as the program chairperson of my local guild in Springfield, Missouri. During that time, I developed and organized programs and workshops for our guild. I found that the most successful […]

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Quilt Insurance

I’m often asked if there is a special insurance that can be purchased for quilts. I know of a policy that many quilt owners have purchased and they are very happy with the policy. It covers antique or new quilts and the contents of your sewing room. Your quilts are covered while they are in […]

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Appliqué Under the Magnifying Glass

Entering a competitive show can be intimidating.  Understand the judging process and learning just what judges look for when evaluating appliqué can help to eliminate our fears and apprehensions. It is important to remember that each show differs in their entry rules. The process of judging also differs from show to show. Quilts may be […]

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